Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson

Children's Pastor

Tim Thompson was born in West Virginia to Christian parents. When he was eight years old, he went forward during a crusade service to accept Jesus as his personal savior, but no one prayed with him. Although Tim desired to give his life to Jesus at that time, it was a few years later before he realized that something was missing in his life. But the teenage years were quickly approaching and the flame of conviction faded. While attending college, he found a good friend in Mike Wade who was older than Tim and a good role model for the Christian life. One night Mike shared his personal testimony and this helped Tim realize what he needed to do. Tim went back to his room that very night and asked Jesus into his heart. This occurred on September 15, 1983 at 12:43 a.m. Mike was not aware of the important role he had played in Tim’s life until 20 years later when they were reunited. Tim graduated from Middlesboro High School in Middlesboro, Kentucky in 1982. He then attended Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Tim graduated with a double major in Religious Education and Psychology.

Tim served as the youth pastor as well as the Minister of Education and the Minister of Music at Middle Creek Baptist Church in Coalfield, Tennessee. His next call was to Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, to be the Minister to Preschoolers and Children. He soon realized that this was the age group God had called him to serve. Tim ministered at Porter Memorial until 1998, when he accepted the call to be the Minister to Preschoolers and Children at FBC.

Tim describes his preschool and children’s ministries in the following terms. The Preschool Ministry of FBC serves as the “footer” which supports the foundation. The preschooler is a person who is fully capable and prepared to learn about God’s love for them and who Jesus is and why He came to earth. They also learn, among other things, that the Bible is God’s word. The Children’s Ministry is the Foundation. It is the supporting structure for the life of the believer. The children are taught to internalize God’s word, have a relationship with God through prayer and hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tim and his wife Becky are the parents of four children: Holly, Josh, Mary Grace, and Anna. As a family, they enjoy golfing and other outdoor activities such as camping and riding bikes. Tim and Becky home school their four children and are involved in the Five Rivers Home School Co-op which meets at First Baptist, Morristown. The Thompson family also enjoys playing board games, working around the house and watching “The Andy Griffith Show”. Being from Kentucky means that college basketball is king at their house, so they are always busy when the Kentucky “Cats” are playing. Becky also enjoys sewing, reading, and scrapbooking.