Clay Krummel, Director
First Baptist Church
Morristown, Tennessee

The Performing Arts Ministry of First Baptist Church covers many different areas which are available to those wanting to use their talents in this special ministry. Many members of the church have been involved in the ministry at the church during their childhood years and moved on to other avenues as they grew into adults. Many of our members are involved in the community arts and theater programs. A number of adults have gone on to places like New York, California, Florida and other cities to work in the professional arena. The following are designed to give support to seasonal and ongoing ministries of the church.

Performance/Acting:  The opportunities here can go from individual, small group and large combined performances. Speaking parts, non-speaking parts or just carrying on a prop are several of the acting areas. Christmas and Easter are our largest performance programs. We can use fifty to eighty performers in these and we will spend two to three months rehearsing. A number of smaller acting programs such as VBS, banquets and special events are available. During the year we will offer one or two Basic Acting classes.

Costumes: Two areas are designed to create all the costumes we use in our productions. Everything from Biblical costumes, contemporary clothing, creating props to anything needed for the event. Our costume library is mostly Biblical with over 500 items collected over thirty-five years. Our creating room has a large collection of fabrics, trims and other resources. If you can sew, glue or use scissors and have fun, this could be a place for you.

Makeup Artist: Ideally, all our actors learn to apply their own makeup. We need people that study the characters as to age, work and the area in which they are cast. Then makeup is decided. Types and colors are decided. Most men wear beards, which we make and apply directly to the face. Lighting is also an important factor for our makeup people to work with the characters. We also have training for this area of work.

Set Construction and Painting: With the size of our auditorium each performance requires a large set or many sets to accomplish a program. We create everything to professional stage building requirements.  We also have to build sets that pass the state fire codes. A lot of sewing, woodwork, painting and designing is needed. We do have a large collection of set materials, which we adapt for each program. Two to three months are required in weekly meetings to create the sets for Christmas and Easter alone.

Stage Hands & Props: Every production needs people to work with sets and props to be sure they are in the proper place. These are our unseen hero’s. They keep inventories of all items as to their placement, who gets what prop and be sure everything is in place. This group keeps our sets in the right place when needed. A good illustration is our Lord’s Supper scene. This takes two people to see it is in place before and moved after that one scene. These are very vital people to all our productions.

Lighting Specialist: All the special productions require special lights, effects such as snow machines, fog machine, lightning, and storms. Many of the sets will have rope lights, several sizes of bulbs in trims and displays. The Living Christmas Tree requires over 2,000 bulbs placed in the proper places. Creativity is fun with this ministry. Our opportunity here is unlimited.

Church Decorating: Working with the Church Flower Committee this group works on our seasonal decorations for Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and many other special events. This unusual ministry has grown over the years to include everything from total decorations for the building to making table decorations for the Fellowship Hall tables. If you have an interest in making arrangements for tables, tying bows (which takes about 300 at Christmas), and making “theme” decorations, this could be a place for you.

Those interested in any of the the above ministry opportunities may contact Clay Krummel at  423-586-0522.