First Baptist Morristown supports missionaries locally, nationally, and internationally. As a church, we partner with multiple churches in the Lakeway area to provide resources and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also take national and international mission trips every year to enable our members to practice the Great Commission outside our own backyard. We are blessed to partner with the International Mission Board to support our missionaries all over the world and also provide a variety of opportunities throughout the year to serve our local community. For information about upcoming mission opportunities contact Tim Bray.

disaster relief

First Baptist Church Morristown’s Disaster Relief Ministry is a group of people who love people and desire to serve their Lord through touching others when they are at one of the most desperate times of their lives, just after a major disaster. Disasters include not just hurricanes but tornadoes, mudslides, floods, blizzards and any other catastrophic life-changing event.

We partner with the Tennessee Baptist Convention’ (TBC) Disaster Relief Ministry. The TBC Disaster Relief Ministry partners with agencies such as the North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Tennessee Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (TNVOAD), and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency to help meet needs in times of disaster.

As soon as it safe to move into the affected area(s) we begin the process of making possible the movement of emergency vehicles. This is typically done by trained chainsaw teams walking roads and clearing them of fallen trees and other debris. After this we move to working for private individuals who need trees removed from their roofs. We often see tree branches which have pierced all the way though the roof and ceiling to the main living areas. It is not unusual to saw branches from a tree while standing in a kitchen. If necessary we then cover the roof to prevent further damage from water.

Along with the immediate need of getting emergency vehicles moving is the need to provide food for those who have no means to provide it for themselves. This is accomplished through mobile kitchens. Not your standard kitchen equipment, these mobile kitchens pack the equipment to provide thousands of hot meals per day. We have seen one unit provide more than 20,000 meals per day.

Partnering together with other Baptist Disaster Relief groups we can provide:

  • Recovery/Rebuild

  • Mobile Showers

  • Communications

  • Emergency Childcare

  • Water Purification

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Training for crisis response

Many ask us how much all of these services cost to those who receive them. They are not cheap but they are free. We never charge fees for any services provided. The only cost is to take a few minutes to listen to a smelly, dirty chainsaw operator or a faithful mobile kitchen worker with a huge spoon in their hand tell you about a wonderful Savior who redeemed them from the disaster of sin in their lives.

You see, this is truly who we are and what we are about. People need Jesus. Sometimes we are so busy in our lives that the only time we are still enough to hear is when our lives are upside down. We desire to take advantage of those precious few minutes of life to tell someone about the One who rescued us from the disaster of sin in our lives and has loved us with an Everlasting Love. And just like the services that Disaster Relief offers are not cheap but they are free, His Everlasting Love is not cheap but it is free and He longs for all to receive Him and be freed from the disaster of sin in their lives.

First Love On Main

FIRST LOVE on MAIN is a ministry of First Baptist Church in Morristown offering free dental services to the lower income residents of Hamblen County. The clinic is located at 225 W. Main Street in downtown Morristown. The ministry began as a vision of First Baptist Pastor, Dr. Dean Haun. He challenged the Church to give back to the community and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in expressing His love to the Morristown area.

Pastor Haun told his congregation, “Whenever the Bible says Jesus was “moved with compassion” He always responded in some physical tangible way. It was never just an emotional feeling of sorrow or empathy. If we are going to strive to be like Him we must give and we must serve. We have no other option.”

Pastor Haun then shared with the Church his vision about having a place where lives could be touched and transformed by the love of Christ outside the walls of the church. The First Baptist members took those words and that challenge literally. A family within the Church bought the downtown building the clinic is using and donated it to the Church for use as a ministry center. The dentists offer their time and talents to help those who can not afford dental insurance or dental services. The Church welcomes other dentists or hygienists who would like to volunteer as well. Numerous volunteers and groups have come to the center to do repairs and improvements.

“There have been so many volunteers who have given their time and abilities to this project,” Haun said. “We have had painters, plumbers, electricians, technicians, computer programmers, cleaners, landscapers, our Church youth group, groups from other churches…it has truly been amazing.”

The hours of the center will be subject to the schedule of the dentists and doctors that volunteer.


David and Becky Stepp lead Living Waters Ministry. David has been a Christian for 28 years and attends First Baptist Church Morristown. He retired in 2009 from the H.T. Hackney Corporation, where he operated an 18-wheeler for 25 years. He and Becky live in Morristown, where they raised three children, Kim, Chad, and Justin.

David received his Biblical Studies certificate in 2009. God has allowed David to raise money for wells and churches in India, Africa, and Mexico. In Africa, David has given solar Bibles, and assisted in planting 50 churches. In India, over 30 wells have been dug and 9 churches have been built!


Missions is the heartbeat of the church. Missionaries around the world make many sacrifices in order to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Their efforts are often unnoticed and unappreciated. It is vital for them to have a place of refuge, rest, and retreat.

First Baptist Morristown is providing our godly missionaries such a place. Great effort has been made by the members of First Baptist Church and our Missions Property Team to make this new mission house a reality. They have done a fantastic job to create a comfortable, warm, and inviting environment.

The Scriptures offer a great precedence for offering our missionaries this place of refuge.

In Acts 16 the Apostle Paul received the great Macedonian missionary call. The Bible says Paul and his companions sailed from Troas to Samothrace and then on to Neapolis. From there they went to Philippi which was the foremost city of Macedonia.

They immediately went to the river in town where they knew they would find Jews praying on the Sabbath. The Babylonian captivity precipitated the custom for all the Jews living away from Jerusalem to go to a river in their area and make it a place of prayer. It was based on Psalm 137 where the Jews expressed their longing for Zion in a foreign land. Paul knew there would be Jews praying at the river.

When he preached at the riverside a woman by the name of Lydia opened up her heart to the truth of the gospel. It is in Acts 16:15 that we see her obedience to the Lord and her impassioned plea to Paul.

And when she and her household were baptized, she begged us, saying, “If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, COME TO MY HOUSE AND STAY.” So she persuaded us.

Thus, Lydia’s house provided a safe warm place for these great men of God to stay.


The Prophet’s Chamber is a ministry born out of the vision of our pastoral staff to provide a place where deep spiritual renewal and physical rest can occur for those serving in the ministry who are truly in need.  One of biggest lies the adversary has ever propagated among God’s shepherds is that they should be self-sufficient, have no need to share burdens, cares, or woes with others, and should never require times of rest. A careful reading of God’s Word shows just the opposite.

Even David recognized that we are all sheep in need of a Shepherd who makes us to lie down in green pastures, leads us beside still waters, restores our souls, instructs us in His righteous ways, walks with us through our valleys, prepares a banquet table for us, anoints our heads with oil, fills our cup to overflowing, even in the presence of our enemies (Psalm 23).

Recognizing that God’s servants need ministry also, the Prophet’s Chamber was built by members of First Baptist Church of Morristown for the sole purpose of encouraging ministers of the Gospel, whether church staff members or missionaries, by providing a place for rest, deep spiritual renewal, and encouragement.

As those seeking to be faithful investors of the ministry resources that have been entrusted to our stewardship, the church has developed an application to help as we prayerfully seek God’s Will concerning who genuinely needs to be blessed at a given time by this ministry. This application form may be obtained by contacting First Baptist by phone at 423-586-0522 or by contacting us here.


Women’s Missionary Union fulfills the Great Commission through churchwide and family approaches as well as age-based organizations. WMU is a key part of the church and a partner with the pastor and other church leaders. WMU plans for churchwide missions awareness, organizes mission groups, leads prayer and giving efforts, and promotes mission involvement.

The objectives of WMU are:

  1. Pray for missions

  2. Give to missions

  3. Learn about missions

  4. Support missions

  5. Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle

  6. Participate in the work of the church and denomination

Brooks Gray